Crystal and the millionaire sum he earned after winning The Strongest for Copa Libertadores

CONMEBOL will pay Sporting Cristal thousands of dollars for winning The Strongest in the third leg of the Copa Libertadores 2023.

Sporting Cristal Copa Libertadores | Twitter game Crystal for the team defeating The Strongest 1-0

Day 3 of the Copa Libertadores, Sporting Crystal beat The Strongest 1-0 Zilmar Lora’s only goal at the National Stadium ended the match after 80 minutes. In this way, team Vana re-enters the fray of the tournament and its fans begin to get excited that they can progress and create history in the current season of international competition.

In this context, the unbeaten news for Sporting Crystal is the money they will receive from Conmebol after their win against The Strongest.

As you remember, Conmebol decided to issue a millionaire figure For each of the teams adding wins in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. Sporting Cristal achieved its first three points in the tournament and will now be awarded 300 thousand dollars.

This will allow the Sky Board to continue to better manage their upcoming international commitments, as well as make potential signings to improve their performance in their respective leagues and/or international competitions.

This amount is not bad for Sporting Cristal, recently the president of the club, Joel Raffo, mentioned that they are improving the facilities of La Florida and the technical devices for the better physical preparation of the team.

Conmebol payments in Copa Libertadores 2023.

Sporting Cristal and the money it will accumulate in the Copa Libertadores

Sporting Crystal received 500 thousand dollars for participating in the 2nd stage of the Copa Libertadores. When advancing to Phase 3, an additional $600,000 was added. By advancing to the group stage, Team Vaana earned $3 million and now has an additional $300,000 for defeating The Strongest.

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In conclusion, Sporting Cristal adds to the total for this 2023 season 4.4 million dollars. If he continues on the international circuit in the Copa Libertadores or the Sudamericana, he is expected to add one more to the victories to come.

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