“We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before”: Victor Wembanyama Begins To Steal The Show And The NBA Will Never Be The Same

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Wembey had a career night in the Spurs win with 38 points

Victor Wembaniama finished with 38 points and 10 rebounds for the Suns to lead the Spurs to a 132-121 victory in Phoenix.

Victor Wembanyama had his best game in the NBA against Kevin Durant in a brilliant win for the Suns against the Spurs, making it clear that the league’s past, present and future are more intertwined than ever.

Kevin Durant First he complains, then he throws his hands down, and finally he resigns. KD now understands what happened in 2014.

What did his rivals feel as they chased the rise of his elastic legs, those plastic arms that felt the heat much closer to the sun than his opponents.

Frustration. That is the word that defines what we saw Durant Years ago and what we see Victor Vembaniama Now.

Victor Wembanyama (1) and Kevin Durant during the game between Spurs and Suns on Thursday.Kate Freese/NBAE/Getty Images

There he is, the new French genius in the final taxi toward a jump into the stratosphere. Yes, of course, you have to be patient, but come on: 38 points and 10 rebounds in his fifth game in the NBA? This is nonsense. And the most interesting thing is to do it in front of a senior Durant It appears to be the first sign of arms changing hands between legendary warriors.

keep Durant And Vembaniama? Together in front of the glass and there will be a difference of 15 centimeters between them. Now in a basketball game, put them in front of a television camera, and we will see two identical players, already made, one legend, the other an extra-large version born 15 years later, 6,000 kilometers away.

“We’re trying to understand what this is because we’ve never seen anything like this before,” Devin Booker said.

On a different scale, the same thing durant When he arrived NBA 2007 with the Extinction uniform Seattle Supersonics. A tall forward, too tall for the position, he was too big for a small guy and too fast for a big guy.

At the time, an unlikely player. A prolific scorer with the ability to hurt from any position, an inexplicable theorem for any defense. It was the same concern then as it is today Wembey: Can he bear such a physique? Will he be too skinny for physical play? NBA?

Forgive me! Impressive dunk by Wembaniyama

The Frenchman extends the Spurs’ lead with this impressive one-handed dunk against Drew Eubanks’ mark.

14 years have passed Durant. Many things have changed, but mainly the care of the athletes, the French wild card who worked around Paris from the age of 14.

In these golden years, we have seen the passing game in thousands of cases San Antonio Spurs That made them a dynasty, the Big Three Miami Heat with LeBron James By command, Kobe Bryant has the heart to drive Los Angeles LakersThe progression of unique shooters like Stephen Curry To create the unconscious universe of Golden State Warriors. And, more recently, we have been experiencing the growth of international fleets Giannis Antetokounmpo Body and Nikola Jokic Symbolizing the brain that drives the synergy of a game built on reaction.

Of all that we have seen, of which there have been many, we have never seen anything quite like it Vembaniama?. An alien who can do absolutely everything. keep Giannis Already Durant A blender and will yield this player taken from James Naismith’s deepest dreams.

He comes to correct the defilements of previous colleagues. This is because Durant With more dribbling and height. This is because Giannis with external draft. Could it still be a failure? It’s hard, but we’re here to surprise ourselves. Could it change basketball as we know it? It’s hard, but we’re here to surprise ourselves.

That is what we have started following in the draft. That’s the treasure hunt, the hunt for the X on the worn map that we basketball archaeologists search for like a lost ark. We huddle in front of our screens night after night to see if history is being rewritten once again. If we find a piece of eternity to pluck from fate.

He only played in five games NBABut we are consuming the era Wembey League Pass began showing its full games last year with Mets 92. When we come to the league, we start with numerology, which leads us to think about extraordinary things, for example, on Thursday he became the second youngest player in the history of the league. NBA 35 points and 10 rebounds in a game. First? Durant.

There is much more. According to the ESPN Stats Department, he became the third player in the last 40 seasons! 35 and 10 in one of the first five games of his career. only Shaquille O’Neal And Anthony Morrow They did before. And he has the most points by a player in his first five games. NBA Since Larry Cannon in 1976.

Of all this data, the most interesting thing is something else. The mental maturity seen at the dawn of his career is absurd. We already know he’s a clutch player at just 19 years old. When things are important it appears in ‘Shikita’. Consider this: Vembaniama? He’s 15-19 (79%) in the fourth quarter this year. That’s the best percentage of players in their final quarters with 15 shots or more at the rim. LeBron And Comedy. There are only four stars with 20 or more points this season: two former MVPs (LeBron And Curry), an MVP candidate (Luka Doncic)… and Vembaniama?.

DurantHug now Vembaniama?. He smiles and tells him something we can’t hear, but we suspect from a distance. Guys, this is serious.

Vembaniama? A storm is sure to hit NBA. Popovich pushes him, challenges him, explains and accompanies him. The Spurs They are back.

And this NBAOnce again, that dreamlike landscape where magic happens.

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