LAUFEN shares the largest space in Marbella Design & Art inspired by Japanese philosophy


LAUFEN, the Swiss manufacturer of high-end bathrooms, takes part in the largest space at Marbella Design & Art, one of Europe’s leading design events. The project, a 76-square-metre pavilion – the largest space in the entire exhibition – was executed by Diego Guillén Ligure, the same interior designer with whom he won second prize for the best combination of art and interior design at last year’s edition. 2022 from Marbella Design and Art, an intervention that highlights the energy of spaces in the field of architecture and design and the importance of using natural materials.

Specifically, his work draws on Japanese philosophy as a common theme. A vision related to aspects of daily life, and can be described as a pause in time, a break or a void in space, necessary for growth and awareness. Therefore, the project is designed to frame empty spaces, leaving room for life to occur inside, and to provide an experimental area, giving rise to the relationship between them.

Thus, this 76 square meter apartment was born which can be a whole house, a guest room, a hotel suite or a playroom in a villa, as it has a kitchen, garden, dressing room and sink spaces, the latter equipped with pieces from ILBAGNOALESSI. , the latest LAUFEN collection. Each room, decorated in colours, refers to the heroes of Frank Baum’s famous story, The Wizard of Oz.

The use of natural materials, simplicity or the integration of gardens are the basic premises that guide the project located in Marbella Design and Art, a spatial organization where it unifies the pieces that make up the whole and which can be modified by opening or closing large-scale doors.

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ILBAGNOALESSI, renewal of an icon: a collection shown only in Marbella

From today until November 12, visitors to the exhibition will discover some distinctive LAUFEN pieces on display only at Marbella Design & Art. Specifically, Diego Guillén Liguori chose the most famous LAUFEN collection for his ILBAGNOALESSI space, created by Stefano Giovannoni, relaunched 20 years after its creation. And so, in [ma] You can see different elements of the collection in stunning glossy black: the sink with curved lines, the suspended toilet, as well as the bidet of the same model, with oval and round lines, in the same way as toilet paper. What is with you. In the case of the taps, both the sink and bidet will be accompanied by New Classic single-lever mixers, as well as the LIS operating panel.

The intervention in the space is completed with pieces from different brands and artists, transforming it into a unique and special intervention, where design takes center stage. Other companies, national and international, joined the project, such as Lladro, Mainzo, Avawood, Hager, Compaq, Ilitis, Prolisht, Manuel Larraga or visual artists such as Juan Carlos Callejas.

Likewise, this year, craftsmanship is one of the key elements in the space designed by Diego Guillén Ligure. On this occasion, twelve artisans from Aragon will present the project with care and culture. Carved wooden pieces, hand-woven tapestries, glass sculptures, nature reliefs in porcelain pieces for tableware, as well as ceramic pieces, jewelry, and even folk toys or accessories, such as hats, all handmade, come to this space in a unique and special place, full of care, craftsmanship and history. .

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With the creation of this work, LAUFEN continues to demonstrate its commitment to the importance of design, being a patron of space. With its participation, it reflects the quality, precision and functionality of the Swiss company’s pieces, and provides an experience for users where they can experience the design and immerse themselves in a unique experience.

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