Zero de Italia 2021 Live: Follow Level 5 – Cycling – Sports

This Wednesday is the inevitable encounter for the sprinters in the fifth round Round
, Which will take the regiment from Modena to Catholica in a flat course
177 kilometers, without any difficulty.

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The last kilometer will take place in the center of the Catholic city. After several roundabouts, you should focus on continuous curves, 3 left and one right, once crossed will lead to a finish line of about 900 meters.

Kilometer 30. Two cyclists in the race: Filippo Tagliani (Anthony) and Umberto Marengo (Partiani). Lots of 3 minutes 48 seconds.

Kilometer 40.
The leak is already 4 minutes 20 seconds from the set, which will take things slower.

Kilometer 60. Lots makes a lot of difference: Survivors have a 3:53 lead.

Kilometer 70: The volume was accelerated due to the special sprint, which Dacliani won over Marengo. Fernando Gaviria finished third. Two of the escapees were captured.

Kilometer 82: Lots of nerve due to the possibility of wind. Some rain on the road.

Kilometer 100: Follow the small package, without any attempt to escape.

Kilometer 110:
New escape attempt: David Capuro (Partiani) and Simon Bellat (Anthony Giocadoli) get out a lot.

Kilometer131. Those who escaped a lot for about a minute and a half now have a lead of 53 seconds.

Kilometer 136.4. Esprint Special My Chandergangelo de Rabura. 1. David Capuro, 2. Simon Ballad.

Kilometers 147
: At 30 o’clock to go, both survivors are 45 seconds ahead.

Kilometer 156: The survivors are 33 seconds ahead. Alexis Gagcard (AG2R) floats between them and a lot of places, 15 seconds behind the leaders.

Kilometer 163:
Fall of Egan Bernal’s player Powell Sivako at Aeneas, from goal 14.

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Kilometer 167: With 10 seconds to go, Capuro, Bellat and Gaggard are 10 seconds ahead.

Kilometer 172: A lot is already targeting three survivors.

Kilometer 173: Strong fall. Michael Landa, one of the most affected.

Kilometer 175:
The leak is over, the packaging is coming.

The winner on stage was Caleb Evan. Giacomo Nisolo took second, Elijah Viviani third and Peter Sagan fourth. Fernando Gaviria was fifth.

Meta: Michael Landa has not yet crossed the finish line. The comrades waiting for him reached over 4 minutes.

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