Pokémon Mew and Magikarp teamed up with impressive results

Fusion between Pokemon of different species has been fashionable for years.

Mew and Magikarp are the two oldest Pokemon from the first generation

Pokémon is a franchise that has been adding new creatures for years, however, no matter how many are added to the increasingly extensive Pokédex, many players and fans The first 151 have a special affection for themThese are the ones that at the end of the day are even more influenced by the Pokemon company itself, an example of which is Mimikyu’s alternate designs combined with other Pokemon.

And it is precisely in this case about fusions, because many artists can create with this theme. Real atrocities In a good way, it has led to the discovery of Pokemon that many people want to be true. And it seems that this may or may not be the case A fusion between Mew and Magikarp.

Mewcorp is a fusion between these two Pokemon from the first generation

To put it in a little context, it must be said Magikarp is one of the most popular Pokémon Not only because of all the history behind it and its evolution, but because it has been managed over time Get your own identity This led him to star in his own video games. On the other hand, Mew needs no introduction Because it’s the first single Pokemon and the protagonist of dozens of urban legends.

Under this hypothesis, a Reddit user known as OldGeezer247 did a great job because he cared. Combine these two Pokemon, resulting in a new creature named Mewcorp, which, despite not having the level of other Legendary or Unique Pokémon, is gaining attention. You can watch it below:

Pokemon fusions
Byu/OldGeezer247 InsidePokemon

For others, it should be said Mew and Magikarp are two Pokemon available in Scarlet and Purple9th Generation Games currently has a new seven-star Terroroid event where players have the opportunity to Get a starter Pokemon With a unique symbol.

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