Between denial, extractivism, and popular struggles

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In a debate with little content and concrete proposals, we analyzed the definitions, absences and silences around each candidate individually, with regard to social and environmental issues.

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There was no specific focus on the social and environmental proposals, but throughout the discussion there were some important intersections and references to the topic.

Victoria Villarroeldeputy the followingHe responded little or nothing to the questions they asked him about political positions in his space. He even mentioned that he was arguing against “freedom of expression” when asked about specific statements made by his co-religionists, with the Twitter troll answering rather than the candidate for official office who should report on her own proposals and what she would propose if she were a government. Thus, when she felt uncomfortable, she would use the word ‘gandasas’ as the sole reason to avoid speaking publicly on various topics.

However, he left out some very important definitions, starting with a defense of Repeal Law 26,160which is the law that is the conquest of Malone II fights for peace In 2006, which protects indigenous communities from evictions, which has just been extended for the second time in a row because the national government has not yet completed the corresponding survey for the effective handover of their lands to indigenous people. Villarroel expressed, without room for reinterpretation, his desire to cancel it because it “supports Land encroachments They are subject to an umbrella under which rapists cannot be expelled when they say they are indigenous.

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He also referred to science in the face of questioning the closure of CONICET, in this case expressing: “We are interested in Conicet or whatever it will be called, really investigating the hard science and investigating the things that are going on” to give it importance and that will give prestige to our country. Investigating Batman’s anus, Ricardo Arjona’s songs, Victoria Villarroel’s ideas, The Lion King films or whether Star Wars was messianic, no, this is definitely not science.”

Much water has already flowed under the bridge of epistemological and methodological discussion about science, and the distinction between “hard science” and “soft science” can only be maintained through crude positivism and retarded reductionism. Therefore, it is not so contradictory that at the same time she wants to appear as a standard-bearer Biological sciences are supposed to be neutral to Comprehensive sexual education Unlike the “indoctrination” that teachers will do. However, the defense of the initiative is evident in schools, which is why Nicolás Del Caño rebukes it if it intends to repress the girls and boys who organize to make it happen.

In addition to not responding directly, there was another sensitive point that Villarroel avoided commenting on: the denial that he defends his space against. Climate change Which has broad scientific consensus and some indisputable evidence in terms of general diagnosis.

For this part, Agustin Rossi He sought to polarize this aspect with Villarroel. In the closing minute, he expressed the extreme right, saying: “They are not worried about a company polluting our rivers and forests. However, throughout the discussion he was not heard talking about any social and environmental policy. It is easy to respond to some deviations, but not so much to take charge of extractive politics. UxP Vice President Nicolas Del Caño did not answer when he said: “You have to tell people what the masa will be like for the people, the person who says that the mountain range is a cake?”

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The Frente Izquerda Unidad candidate referred to the social and environmental struggles in Mendoza, Chubut and Jujuy, and on this issue he also expressed Petri: “You have done a Agreement with Kirchnerism In Mendoza to modify Law 7722 Which protects the water from the use of toxic substances. Your party leader, Gerardo Morales, is also making progress on lithium delivery and on the lands of indigenous communities in Jujuy.”

Deputy Bullrich, explaining that he supported the extractive consensus to pay off debts, invented a new concept: “sustainably green” mining and stated that in Mendoza there was a social license for this activity. On the other hand, Del Caño was repressed for being with associations that still say that water is more precious than gold.

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