Honduras will have to play in a different country to face Cuba in the Nations League

The Catracho mix has always traveled to the Caribbean, but is no longer destined for Cuban territory.

The Honduras national team It got word that it had to change its logistics for the next game Concacaf Nations League vs. as a spectator Cuba.

The match, scheduled for Thursday, October 12, is scheduled to be held in Santiago, Cuba, although there will be a change of venue for the third match of the tournament.

The reason is that Antonio Maseo Stadium does not have the necessary electricity. CONCACAF From competition between, hold night games Cuba And Honduras Scheduled to play at 8:00 p.m.

The timing of the match cannot be changed due to broadcasting rights Cuban Federation To find another scene with the necessary conditions, so they have to play the game in the country Dominican Republic.

A conflict will take place between the Cubans and the Hondurans Felix Sanchez Olympic Stadium In the city of Santo Domingo, an asset where Dominicans usually play their games locally. The news will be officially released in a few hours.

After this match, Baikal will return home the next day as the rematch will be held on Sunday the 15th at Celato Ugles stadium. TegucigalpaThis ended their participation in the group stage.

HondurasWith three points, it depends on itself to advance to the next round League of Nationsand then won both of their duties against Cuba It will finish second in Group B and thereby qualify for the quarterfinals of the tournament.

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A direct ticket to the Copa America is at stake. If 2024 Honduras wants to avoid Mexico or the United States, it must lead its group above four-unit Jamaica, thereby facing either Canada or Costa Rica in November.

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