“My goal is to promote a game for kids through eSports!”

Vlad Marinescu is president of the International Sports Federation (IESF). Founded in 2008, IESF is the oldest governing body for e-sports in more than 60 affiliated countries. Vlad is the President of the Sports Federation of America and the Director of Media and Marketing at the International Judo Federation. He was the general manager of SportAcord and at one time the head of the Arsports site.

He has been working in international sports for more than 15 years, grew up in Romania, USA and studied in Budapest. Sports, event organizer in all disciplines, then went on to all level sports organizations up to sports organization and management of sports activities. He is one of the top ten sports managers under the age of 30 produced by Sport Business.

He has been involved in the International Judo Federation’s latest modernization process in the areas of event organization, sponsorship and marketing, production and distribution of television rights.

Vlad Marinescu is the son of Marinescu, Florentine, president of the Romanian Martial Arts Federation.

N.R. Vlad, you are in a jealous position in the world administration, the leader of eSports World. How did you get this appointment?

V.M. In recent years I have been interested in sports and I feel it is a fantastic activity that motivates children and today, unfortunately, is not very serious about accepting the responsibility of starting a physical sport. I believe that the International Sports Federation, the governing body of global exports, is a way to improve this direction. I don’t think people would be jealous of me if I knew the amount of work required for this position.

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NR You have held various executive positions, General Manager of Sportcart, and you are also involved in the operation of the International Judo Federation. Where is the biggest professional challenge?

V.M. Judo Sports, the organization of the International Judo Federation and President Marius Weiser who coached me as a man and as a sports manager. In 2007, Mr. Marius Weiser became the leader of the IFJ, and I had the honor of being part of his core team, transforming the organization from a structure that organizes one event a year, to organizing more than 20 events annually today … in sports, business, directly in practice I learned all the disciplines here. With all the experience gained, in 2013, Mr. I followed President Viceroy to Sportcard, where we worked with international federations and projects to improve the sports world for the benefit of athletes.

To NR sports enthusiasts, I must remember that your father was an exceptional man, Marinescu of Florentine who contributed to the history of Romanian sports. How does he appreciate your involvement in the sports event?

V.M. Although my father was born in 1950, he understands everything that happens in sports in the world and was one of the first people who suggested me to get involved in this field because it marks the evolution and modernization of the sport. It must be run by people with good intentions for the benefit of the digital community.

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