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Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu said on Saturday that he proposed to the prime minister and has his approval that in the next period, for all the places that are opened on the vaccination scheduling platform, only the elderly, those suffering from chronic diseases , those with disabilities and those who care for them or live with them.

“We need all the available spaces and we need to make sure that fewer people have to be hospitalized. We have rechecked the statistics and we see that 85% of deaths are registered in people over 60 years old. We also see that 95.1% of deaths are registered in people who already had chronic diseases. This is the reason why we proposed to the Prime Minister and we have his consent so that in the next period all the places that are opened in the vaccination programming platform will be Eligible only the elderly, those with chronic diseases, those with disabilities, respectively. Those who care for them or live with them. I repeat, during the month of February all the places that will be removed will be offered on the programming platform, they will go to them, not other people ”, declared Voiculescu.

The minister specified that those who have been programmed or reprogrammed remain in the system, on the other hand, during the month of February the new appointments will be made only in the aforementioned categories.

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“There is no problem to postpone the withdrawal, the withdrawal must be done in 21 days,” added the minister.

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