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Culiacán, Sin.- In order not to be fooled by people who offer a place within the Autonomous University of Sinaloa to those who were not admitted, the rector Jesus Madueña Molina made a called to aspirants and parents.

The rector explained that there are false managers that offer a place within the UAS. However, the Institutional Admission Commission will report soon on the expansion of spaces so that no one is left without an opportunity to enter the classrooms at the highest house of studies in Sinaloa.

“Those who have not been favored to this day, do not be fooled by anyone. The Institutional Admission Commission is working to give you good news in the next few days, to endorse the University’s commitment to young people. I must ask the parents to monitor very well the procedure to be followed so that they are not going to cheat and swindle them ”, manifested.

Madueña Molina reaffirmed that no one will be left without an opportunity to enter the UAS and news will soon be given about the new spaces for applicants who failed to enter in the first attempt. However, it is through this mechanism that the only way to obtain a place in the institution will be announced.

“Do not be fooled by people who ask you for money to secure a place at the University. For us it is a crime that boys are abused like this, it is a crime that someone is left out of university classrooms ”, assured.

Last Friday, the university administration gave the directors of the different faculties and high schools the lists of those who passed the admission exams, managing to pass a total of 22,357 applicants, and 2,830 young people failed to be admitted.

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