Apple in Brazil has been fined nearly two million for selling an iPhone without a charger

Official sources say Brazilian authorities have fined technology company Apple 10.5 million Rice (nearly two million dollars) for selling an iPhone without a charger and for false advertising about the water resistance of its devices.

Brocon de Sao Paulo, a regional organization that protects consumer interests, explained in a statement that it had fined the company for “various practices” that violated the Consumer Protection Code.

Among them, the “wrong practice” of selling new smartphones without a charger, a subsidiary, according to the organization, “necessary and essential for its operation.”

After collecting a number of complaints about this, Brogan de So Paulo asked Apple for an explanation, but did not respond. Last year, the technology company had already announced that it would stop adding chargers to its latest models.

Similarly, Brazilian authorities also punished an American company for making “false advertising” regarding the iPhone 11 Pro.

According to several customer accounts, this model was advertised as “waterproof” and many of them had problems after contact with water, “the company did not fix them”.

For Apple Sao Paulo’s Pro, “water resistance is not a permanent condition of the device and may decrease over time; “

However, the Consumer Protection Agency said the advertising campaign included claims such as “water resistance up to four meters (depth)” and a maximum of “thirty seconds” or “even bathing is done”.

The Sao Paulo company has received complaints from consumers who have listed issues with “certain functions of their devices after a system update”.

Progan also checks that Apple imposes “certain false clauses”, one of which “excludes itself from all legal and indirect warranties” against hidden or obvious flaws, and it “does not guarantee that the product’s functionality will be uninterrupted or without errors.”

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