Santiago Solari will have ‘freedom’ to choose club reinforcements for Aberdera 2021

Argentina coach Club of America, Santiago Solari, Has given fans the confidence of a new Liga MX title, thanks to the excellent work of the team, he adds 8 games in a row to the win, and knows how to plan for reinforcements like Muro Lines, Alvaro Fidelco and Point Aquino.

Solari’s biggest win with Alvaro Fidelco, despite being requested by Laines and Aquino by the previous board, led to Aberdera giving the coach a kick in the ass in Los Eculos for the reinforcements of 2021.

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During this March FIFA date, it was announced a few days ago that the work of Santiago Solari and his coaching staff will see possible reinforcements and departures for the next semester, and according to Jonathan Pena, the coach will have a hand in the negotiations.

Santiago Solari, who arrived in December 2020, found a group that was already practically armed, and although he knew how to use some of the reinforcements selected by Banos and Miguel Herrera, he may have a decision on the next reinforcements.

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