The company will introduce new products

New York (CNN Business) – Apple is having its first product launch event of the year, where the updated iPod Pro and Airboats are expected. Here is what we learned about the Apple event:

On Tuesday, April 20, the company sent out press releases for a virtual event with the slogan “Spring Loaded” at Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California.

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Prior to the announcement, Siri revealed the date on which users asked when the company would launch its next major product release.

Apple is expected to release an update to its iPad lineup: a redesigned iPod Pro with a super bright LED display and an updated iPod Pro and smaller bezels and larger screen, according to Bloomberg. The company said it was preparing its next-generation Airbots (Airbots 3), designed to comply with its high-end Airports Pro, with spatial audio support and touch controls.

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Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air also need to be updated, but it’s not clear if it will be announced next week. Apple recently discontinued its iMac Pro lineup, focusing on the most powerful computer and homepot mini the company has ever offered, its original homepot.

There are also rumors that the company works on smart glasses and advanced reality / virtual reality headsets, but it is unlikely that we will know anything about any of those products this month.

In recent years, Apple has made spring releases for its Apple TV + service and iPhone SE lineup.

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