They are filtering out a version of the new Windows 11 operating system that will be released next week


17 June 2021 22:00 GMT

The most important changes are the Start button, which changes the location and stays on the taskbar.

A version of Microsoft’s next operating system has been leaked online, which is expected to be officially released on June 24. Among other new features, Windows 11 is characterized by its changes to the Start button and taskbar.

There is a PCWorld portal Had access For the beta version of the said operating system, this is “Evolutionary version“According to Windows 10. media, Windows 11 is largely based on Windows 10X, the simplified version leaked earlier this year and whose Growth finally stopped Issued by Microsoft.

One of the most important changes Start button, Which is now by default in the center of the desktop with the taskbar. However, the user has the option to return it Its traditional location In the left corner of the screen.

Other updates

Windows 11 also upgraded the allowable docking tool Panel windows. Now, thanks to the ‘Fancyzones’ function when hovering over the ‘Maximum Window’ icon in the top right corner, users can choose between Various configurations To trim that window.

Also, in the new ones Taskbar All icons are grouped and have the same size. In Windows 10, a key part of the bar is occupied by the search engine. The Cordana Virtual Assistant From the taskbar. The voice assistant will continue, but in the form of a personal application.

On the other hand, Windows 11 integrates minor updates into the user interface Redesigned icons Covers rounded corners, as well as offers new wallpapers. One of the most controversial results of the new operating system Introduction to ‘Widgets’, A large sidebar that opens from the left side of the screen showing message and content, but is almost half on the desktop when displayed.

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However, there is a source close to Microsoft Indicated This leaked version of Windows 11 is called PCWorld Incomplete initial version, And a full view of the operating system will be provided on June 24.

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