Antonela Rocuzzo’s passionate reaction to David Beckham took everyone by surprise and instantly went viral.

Milan They played a new date in MLS and failed to win again, and their participation in the elimination stage for the title is more complicated, although they have some life left after the match ended in a draw at the end of the game (1-1). New York City. Prior to this clash Inter Miami had played in the final of the US Open Cup Antonela Rocuzzo was in the box with her husband Leo MessiHe suffered a hamstring injury in his right leg and could not be in the squad. Thiago, Mateo and Ciro They were also in the first row of seats. But what caught the attention on social media was what happened minutes before the match started and Inter Miami was beaten. They were talking in the VIP box Antonella, Elena Galera and Romare Ventura, wives of Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, respectively. At that moment, David Beckham came to greet them like a great guest, and the situation arose: Antonella stopped chatting and raised her eyebrows at Romere at the same time..

A gesture that arouses suspicion in social networks, which interprets it in different ways: “She looks at her friend and opens her eyes hahahaha we understand that look between friends It’s David Beckham, what do you expect?“, others said, “Oh my God, it’s David Beckham. If Beckham came to greet my girlfriend, I’d be jealous too, but for her, I’d like to kiss him too.” On the other hand, there were followers who said, “Women understand that little intellectual look. And there they have Antonella. Men respect and protect her so much.” “There’s nothing to see. You can tell he turns to listen to the girl next door and smiles at her. “She’s attractive,” said another.That gesture means 2 things, what everyone is thinking or talking about the guy, he appears hahahaha this has happened to me a thousand times and I make that face“, they said.

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