Javier May will seek to ensure people with disabilities have a space in government

He points out that when he was at the Ministry of Social Welfare, they used to give scholarships to children with disabilities

he candidate to Brown woman,PT and PVEM to the governor, Javier May Rodriguez indicated that if he wins the elections, he will seek to ensure that people get them inability Take a job in the government.

in interviewThe Morinista said he had no problem speaking with journalist Katia Dartiges, president of the civic association.Me too“, which seeks to make people visible to each other inability And develop public policies for the benefit of this minority.

He stated that they would be implemented supports Economic, which will be accompanied by a programme Rehabilitation For people who suffer from inability.

“We will open spaces for people who have any inability And that depending on their mobility and skills, they can hold a position in the government, get a job or employment “It could be beneficial for the development of Tabasco.”

May Rodriguez confirmed that she gave birth while she was at the Ministry of Social Welfare Scholarships For children with inabilityThey also signed an agreement with the Teletón Foundation so that minors can receive it Rehabilitation.

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