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Telescope Hubble It is one of the most useful creations created by man in history. Many milestones stand out in its process so that each photograph appears as a masterpiece, a collective creation Pot And this European Space Agency (ESA).) and has been an invaluable tool in exploring the universe since its launch in 1990. It is located in orbit. The landThis telescope produced amazing images To impress us children With every discovery made of our universe.

One of the most important contributions Hubble Capable of observing distant galaxies. Thank you Strategic position in spaceHubble can capture images of celestial objects a Clarity Wonderfulallowing the study of star formation, Evolution Galaxies And other cosmic events that caused a stir Scientific community.

Recently, Hubble was able to capture the collision The three galaxies are 681 million light-years from Earth. This picture is known IC 2431It shows us an interesting view of three galaxies fusion process. These types of events, though rare for us, are very common in the universe and important to understand as are formed The Galaxies more time.

By the way, the merger of galaxies is a process Very complex But it is even more interesting, which leads to the formation of this phenomenon New stars and galaxy structures. By observing these collisions, scientists can learn more about it Interstellar mechanics And under how they relate to each other Influence of gravity.

So in this case the buzz is considered new because they're the first photos we've taken Flawless resolution And we can see beautiful what we cannot with simplicity View from Earth.

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He Hubble It is also fundamental to the study of our own galaxy via Milk. Over the years, the Telescope Provides detailed images of stars, nebulae and more Objects insideIt helps to better understand how these phenomena and celestial bodies interact.

Source: ESA/Hubble & NASA, W. Keel, Dark Energy Survey, DOE, FNAL, DECam, CTIO, NOIRLab/NSF/AURA, SDSS/J. Schmidt
Participation of amateur astronomer

In this milestone, the Hubble He has demonstrated the power of citizen science in astronomical research. Projects like Galaxy Zoo Volunteers from all over the world are involved in classifying the images HubbleThis led to important discoveries about nature universe. Not only were they trained and trained astronomers, This same group may make discoveries similar to what has already happened. Allowing for that diversity in science.

Regarding the future HubbleAn undeniably powerful tool Scientific community. As it carries out its mission, it is expected to continue to provide new insights into the universe and help us respond. Questions Basic About our place in it.

You can see more detail in the photo ESA official website

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