Mark Zuckerberg turns 40 and reviews the goals he has achieved so far

Mark ZuckerbergWho will turn forty tomorrow, Tuesday, and has achieved many goals, such as kneading someone The greatest wealth in the worlddoing the construction Technological empire Through various applications and creating a large family.

Now Zuckerberg He is the CEO and President Goal (Parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp And messenger), but it all started in a more humble way, on the university's elite campus Harvard universityHe and other students – Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin – launched two decades ago.

Zuckerberg dropped out of school in psychology and computer science during his second year at Harvard to transfer Palo Alto – Haven in the world of “technology” – and work in your company full time. When he returned to the prestigious university, he went strong, receiving an honorary doctorate and becoming the youngest commencement speaker in history.

Hollywood Personality of the Year and Muse

the Zuckerberg's character It did not go unnoticed, either by being Young miracle As well as his style, he always wears the same clothes and gestures that are almost robotic at times.

In 2010, Time magazine His name is Zuckerberg person of the Year“To connect more than 500 million people and map their social relationships; to create a new information exchange system; and to change the way people live.”

Hollywood highlighted Zuckerberg with the movie “Social network“, a film that tells the story of the creation of Facebook, with Jesse Eisenberg responsible for bringing Zuckerberg to life, who claims that many details of the film are untrue.

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In 2012, Facebook went public, and a day later Zuckerberg got married Priscilla Chan – whom he met at a university party – at a wedding that surprised even the guests, as they arrived thinking they were celebrating Chan's graduation in medicine.

Improve the planet with your wealth

the The couple got engaged To donate 99% of his participation in Goal Throughout their lives – it is estimated Zuckerberg It owns 13% of the shares – in addition to donating $3 billion to fund medical research in the next decade and try to end, cure or control all diseases by 2100.

The fact that you want to donate most of what you have Great wealth To improve the world does not mean that a company He faced many ethical problems that led him to appear on several occasions before US lawmakers, mainly accused of developing tools to make its applications increasingly addictive, especially for teenagers.

The couple, who now have three children, don't exactly live modestly: In 2011, they bought a 500-square-meter house in Palo Alto for $7 million, then spent an additional $45 million on the four homes and land available to them. About for more privacy.

They also have a wonderful oasis on the island Hawaiian from Kauai. In 2014 Zuckerberg family He spent about $100 million on more than 280 hectares, and has since bought more than 607 hectares in that area.

He doesn't let go of control

Unlike some other important founders Technology companies Like Amazon's Jeff Bezos or Google's Larry Page, Zuckerberg has yet to hand over the reins of the social media empire he's built over twenty years to someone else.

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On the contrary, Zuckerberg was steering the company toward metaverse And the artificial intelligence (AI), which means a significant investment of money in Meta.

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