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“My mom cooks better than you do”, Y , Will live a night dedicated to Peru tomorrow. This is a special edition It will feature Creole Lucia de la Cruz, former footballers Alex McAllenz and Julio “Coyote” Rivera and singer Ana Kohler.

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Ethel Prot of Peru

“Host”America today“Ethel Poso said there would be a luxury project at” My Mom … “tomorrow.”It is a great pleasure to have these four guests. Y Lucia de la Cruz He is one of the guests who comes to cook, sing and dance, allowing all of us to live a night in Peru.“, Progress.

In addition, Ethel commented on national holidays: “The Peru It is wonderful, its geography, people, its gastronomy is one of the best, I am very happy to live in Peru.Happiness28, Happy Twenty years!”, He noted.

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Yako Celebrates Byzantine

For its part, Yako Eskensi He spoke about the union of all Peruvians to achieve the growth of the country. “I always try to support another Peruvian, contribute to the country without being a bad or jealous person or a person who wants to snatch the power of others. When all the Peruvians support each other and move to the same side, The Peru Will continue to grow”, He pointed out.

I am so proud to be Peruvian, I love Peru, I will never change being born in this land. Tomorrow in my “Mame Koshina …” our dear Peru will be celebrated with some luxury guests, and we will live National Holidays”, He concluded.

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Don’t miss this Sunday night at 7pm, “My mom cooks better than yours” America Television!

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