Efron Ruwals was assassinated a month ago, and no one has yet been implicated in the inquest into his death Security | News

Within the tax instruction, many have been invited to testify and various technical expertise has been provided.

The file that opened in the office of Quas Attorney for the murder of TV presenter Efron Ruvales is in the public prosecutor’s office, Vector Gonzalez, and it is getting thicker day by day due to the amount of expert opinions ordered from January 27th. The actor was shot as he drove home in his car after leaving a gym north of Guayaquil.

The attorney explains that according to the Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code (COIP), a phase that can last up to two years continues at the initial investigation stage, so far no one has been linked.

“While a criminal process has already begun, it has not yet been done, but we have made progress … we have done in a month what we did in a month,” says attorney Gonzalez, who charges for his many related investigations.

Preliminary investigation does not establish liability, but the meaning of the offense. That’s why the only prisoner involved in the Ruwals crime has not yet been implicated in the case: an 18-year-old boy identified as Alexis Casket, Arrested and prosecuted for stealing a car carrying screen talent killers.

Casket He has been in prison 4 in Quito since February 6, stating that for security reasons, in his first edition, the order to kill Ruwals came from the prison and that his life would be in danger if he was sent to this prison.

When he stops Casket , 500 6,500 and several cell phones were found on the ceiling, which were estimated by the lawyer who investigated the car theft. In addition, a bullet of the same ability that killed Ruwals was discovered.

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Gonzalez could not release relevant information without interfering with the investigation, but said they already had an idea of ​​what had happened and that technical procedures had been dispatched, meaning that the killers had to flee, such as exploiting about 50 security cameras at the scene and on the road.

Scenes were also made of events, ballistic tests and the removal of electronic equipment such as the victim’s and his relatives’ cell phones.

One of the most important skills of Gonzalez is version making. Already more than three have donated their free and volunteer version.

Among those invited to testify were Ruwals’ girlfriend, his brother, his mother and television presenter Richard Parker, who went to the Model Barracks attorney’s office at noon yesterday to report death threats.

Parker, dressed in a bulletproof vest, left the company yesterday with several agents of the Violent Death Squad (Dines), who took him in a patrol car and drove him to his home.

He commented that he received a phone call on Thursday as he was leaving a radio station where he currently works.

In addition, a close friend of his said he was stopped by confused men and when they saw his face they said: “This is not Richard Parker.”

According to Ruvales, Parker himself was summoned by the Judicial Police and promised to attend, but that was the day the file was sent to Quito, and they took his version. The presenter said he was willing to share what he knew and explained that he feared for his life and his family. (I)

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