Yahritsa and Su Essencia attend Grupo Frontera’s full concert

Yahritsa and his essenceAn American group of regional Mexican music, continues ‘Eye of the Storm’ Because of them Controversial Reports on Mexico and Gastronomy In our country, a situation that undoubtedly affected the group of musicians of Mexican origin.

No matter how many reviews, the group Martinez Brothers They continue their performances, although they are not supported by the public in all their concerts.

Is Yahritsa and her Essence Summoned?

Recently, Yahritsa and his essence Called by Frontier Group to participate in one of his concerts with Fragile theme; However, there were three brothers tumultuous by several concertgoers.

By TikTok A video was circulated where you can see the reaction of some of the participants to the show Yahritsa and his essence They appeared together Frontier Group. In the recording, a man can be heard screaming. “Hate”Another expressed his disagreement with some Facial gestures.

Yahritza and her essence will be delivered in Mexico

As part of his tour ‘The Obsessed Tour’, Yahritsa and its essence Presenting three concerts Mexico To be held in September Mexico City (September, 10) Guadalajara (September 8) and Monterey (September 6).

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