WWE SmackDown Report 7/14 – Jey Uzo attacks Chikova and Heyman; Asuka defends against Belair

Jey Uso Heyman

Smackdown kicked off with an introduction by Bianca Belaire Ahead of her match against Asuka for the WWE Women’s Championship tonight.

Bianca said she’s been impatient to get back for a rematch for the championship, but tonight is here.

Charlotte interrupts her and tells her in kind words that she thinks Bianca will be the champion at the end of the night. It’s something he wants, but when Bianca defeats Asuka, she’ll be next in line. And let there be no doubt about it. Bianca’s challenge at SummerSlam.

They both ended up shaking hands, almost taking tonight’s outcome for granted… a situation Asuka watched from backstage.

Sheamus and Ridge are very deadly on Holland Elton Prince plowed into Ridge Holland with an unguarded cornerback and then finished with a leg drop off the top rope.

Bayley defeated Jelena Vega In a short fight. Jelena hits Bayley with a flip-flop, but Bayley smashes her to the canvas with a rose planter.

After the match, Bayley started mocking Shadzi for cutting off her hair last week… but Shadzi appeared on the big screen and told her she was in control as she laughed off balance.

Jey Uso appeared in the ring to comment on Jimmy’s situation After the attacks he received last week. Jey charges at Roman and says he sees main event Jey Uso as the real tribal leader.

But Jay is interrupted by Paul, who enters with Solo Chikova. Paul informs her that next week Jay and Roman will meet face to face. He understands his anger and thirst for revenge, but he shouldn’t look at anyone but himself because everything that happened to Jimmy was his fault for coming up against Roman Reigns. He said he didn’t know how he would ever forgive himself, his brother wouldn’t, or his father or mother and he couldn’t forgive Roman Reigns.

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Then Solo took the mic from Paul. He only said that he will never forgive Jay. Then the attacks began. Jey runs past Solo and hits a superkick on Paul. Jay also threatens to hit Paul with a metal chair, but Solo steps in just in time to avoid it, though he gets the chair.

Santos Escobar wins first Fatal 4 way On the way to a shot at the US Championship.

AJ Styles has a chance to run Butch over with a Styles Splash and pick up the win. However, before he could connect the move, Carrion Cross appeared on the giant screen and attacked Gallows and Anderson, knocking The Phenomenal out of the match. Waller tried to take advantage of the moment with a rolling stunner on Butch, but it was finally Santos who ended the fight with an iron on Waller.

Santos still has to compete against the winner of next week’s Fatal 4 Way between Rey Mysterio, Cameron Grimes, Sheamus and L.A. Knight.

Bobby Lashley makes a comeback After weeks of absence from programming, he does it to meet street profits… and they do something.

Asuka retained her WWE Women’s Championship match against Bianca Belaire. At the end of the match, Bianca pinned Asuka with a KOD through the announce table. And confusion ensued from there. Bayley and IYO try to take advantage of the situation to trade, but Charlotte steps in to stop them.

However, Charlotte ended the match via DQ after IYO broke off a spear attack on Bianca. IYO and Bayley then try to trade. As IYO prepared for a moonsault, Bayley handed the briefcase to the referee to make the official exchange, but Asuka hit her with a Blue Mist and escaped the ring.
That’s how SD ended

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