Windows 11 will allow Android applications to be used directly on the computer

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Next June 24 I can come The biggest Windows revolution of the years. That is expected Microsoft It is speculated that the new version of Windows will already be available in Spain and other parts of the world Windows 11, Although nothing has been confirmed about this. However, its a big novelty may have leaked: the ability to implement Android apps using the built-in prototype.

As collected by the media MSPowerUserMicrosoft may be working on a feature that can emulate the entire Android app using its own emulator within Windows 11. We do not need Software Similar to integrated Android emulators in Google SDKs, but can all be done on the same system.

Hituki Nagas, an engineer working at Microsoft, has released a new update to the code for the Linux subsystem for Windows, and made changes between the ones introduced by Nagas. Up to two tips For the “Android emulator”.

Follow Android on Windows

Specifies the Android prototype.



These two tips are as follows: “Android emulator window can not be moved when there is no frame” and “Fix Android emulator window, crash when minimizing”. Clear the notes for a prototype that may soon be coming into the system.

The totally unanimous idea is that this equation is based on the Windows subsystem for Linux. Bring Android applications to Windows. We could not download them like any other program; These must be downloaded from the Microsoft Store Processor Normal. Once downloaded, the Windows 11 emulator will run it.

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This is not the first time this has been heard; Rumors have it that by the end of 2020, Microsoft will already be operating under this A project called ‘Project Late’; The only requirement for developers is to change their packages Applications For MSIX, the format Microsoft uses in its store. Except for modifying the functionality of the application to the desktop system, of course.

But there are many problems. Due to Google’s dominance over Android, most Applications Google Play services are required to provide specific services to Android users, which will limit many of them Applications. Also, no Applications From Google, there is not even a Play Store. Last but not least, the developers They need to release a specific version for Windows, Adds even more workload.

that is truth Windows application ‘your phone’ Due to the agreement between Microsoft and the Korean company we can follow the Android applications, we can do that, but only on some Samsung Galaxy. Then Hype Satya was inspired by talking about Nadella The Biggest Windows Revolution of “Decades” It is not uncommon to see the company’s drastic move as a hypothetical deal with Google that allows it to expand the capabilities of this emulation.

This news comes after the presentation macOS Montessori, The danger to the “revolution” that Nadella will mention due to its interrelated functions. In contrast, we were able to see many of the features that were born in Windows 10X Windows 11 Cancellation experienced by this system Functional Weeks ago.

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