4 moves the Los Angeles Lakers can make

In this article we will look at 4 movements Angels Lakers Next season NBA.

1- Renovated by Andre Drummond y Wesley Matthews

Experience is a good factor when facing the latter season, and when it comes to players like Andre Drummond and Wesley Mathews, he doesn’t give a damn Lockers, It is best to keep them in a comfortable pay environment for both parties and keep them supportive as employees.

2-Kyle Kuzma and a star draft players.

For the past two seasons, Kusma’s name has been the talk of the town, and now it’s time to dump her. Hopefully a few players from the draft will bring in a star that includes him NBA.

3- Do not re-sign the mark check.

Mark Casolin’s reception was met with great anticipation Lockers And fans, after their role in Toronto. Unfortunately, the Spanish did not go as expected NBA.

4- Do not extend contracts to Montreal Harrell and Dennis Schrder.

Both players came to accept the much-needed role Lockers, But his contribution was not excellent. Both will face free company, so renewing them will have to do with a portion of the pay cap and use that money wisely elsewhere.

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