Who authorizes the name change of a public space or square?


On the occasion of the 500 years of the so-called Indigenous Resistance, the Government of Mexico City announced that (on Saturday, May 15, 2021) the name change of Avenida Puente de Alvarado was made official and it is now called Avenida México-Tenochtitlan .

But who authorizes a name change for a public space or square?

The Official Nomenclature and Numbering Commission of Mexico City is the body that helps the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (Seduvi) to assign, review and, where appropriate, modify the content of the official nomenclature plates of roads and public spaces in the capital of the country.

The decision to change the nomenclature of Avenida México-Tenochtitlan was taken in the First Extraordinary Session of the aforementioned Nomenclature Commission of Mexico City, the change was endorsed and the petition was sent to Seduvi.

The Nomenclature Commission justified the change in part because “Pedro de Alvarado was not a person who in our time should be the object of any celebration or commemoration …” He was responsible for serious crimes and cruel massacres. “

The changes in the names of streets, monuments and public spaces may be motivated, as in the case of the Tree of the Victorious Night, to vindicate the memory of Mexicans, the capital government said at the time.

Both the change of nomenclature of the Avenida México-Tenochtitlan and the Tree of the Victorious Night, among others, are part of the official commemorations for the 700 years of the founding of México-Tenochtitlán, the 500 years of the Conquest of Hernán Cortés and the 200 years of the Independence of Mexico.

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The name of Avenida México-Tenochtitlan officially came into effect on Saturday, May 15, as it was published on Friday, May 14 in the Official Gazette of Mexico City.

Who makes up the CDMX Nomenclature Commission?

Head of Government of Mexico City

Head of the Government Secretariat

Head of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing

Head of the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Welfare

General Director of the Public Registry of Property and Commerce

Head of the Ministry of Mobility

Head of the CDMX Secretary of Tourism.

The Head of Government of Mexico City and the Secretary of Urban Development and Housing, will have the character of President and Secretary, respectively.

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