Louis Romo may be absent for several days on the cruise line

Blue Cross Fell before Montreux In the first round of the semifinals Peers He has a team that looks like he’s marching Juan Rhinoso In the final against Santos Laguna in the past Defenders 2021. With a few exceptions, the lineup was made up of players nicknamed the ‘Most Beginners’.

Was among these Louis Romo, Who attended with Choice of Mexico In Olympic Games. The Law Machine midfielder was one of the reinforcements he asked for Jaime Lozano To boost the status of the chosen one, the accounts eventually went as Jimmy had hoped, after the Guardians were one of the leading architects on the podium at the 2021 Best Athlete Olympic medalists.

However, Romo’s physical condition is worrying. With the burden of travel time from one continent to another, the little rest he had at the end of the previous semester, They are considering offering a ‘free pass’ to the midfielder from the space offices So you can take a few days off and recharge your batteries.

Information by Adrián Esparza de Oteo (TW Adrián Oteo)

Adrian Esparsa Ottio, a TUDN reporter, presented the message when asked by a user. “You better ask me. That’s right, the chances of getting Romo a few days after the CONCACAF semifinals are high. One similar to Capacita and Yotton in the Champions League. Deserving rest for Romo. “The spokesman wrote on his Twitter account.

Luis Romo in the match against Montero

Luis Romo (Imago 7) in the match against Monteri

The formula they use in Cruise Azul is the same as what was made Jonathan Rodriguez Y Yoshimir Yodan. Two footballers seemed to come in this semester and play as champions. USA Cup With their national teams, and after winning the title against the Lions, both were afraid to return to strength after a heavy calendar year and a lot of load on the legs.

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