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How to counter the effects of altitude has been a topic of conversation in football for years. The Colombian national team, led by Nestor Lorenzo, begins to look for a way to minimize its effects when it plays against Ecuador in Quito on Tuesday. The fourth date of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

The lights at the Roberto Melendez Stadium had not yet gone out when the national team boarded a plane for Medellin before traveling to Ecuador on Monday.

Although the possibility of the national team training in the capital of Antioquia was leaked three weeks ago, many still wonder why the team went to Bogotá, where even the Colombian Football Federation opened its most complete sports headquarters in October 2016. .

Sports headquarters of the Colombian Football Federation.


Mauricio Leon / EL TIEMPO

Who decided to train in Medellin? It was Lorenzo himself He decided to prepare the game in that city.

“What we share is their opinion. We will train and train there until Monday, when we will take a direct charter flight to Quito,” he explained. Ramon Jesurun, President of the Colombian Football Federation, Sports Success.

The team practiced today on Friday South Sports Centre, Envicado is usually the playing field. The city is at an altitude of 1,675 meters above sea level.

Only players who entered the second half against Uruguay took part in that practice, and those who had no minutes in that match. The tournament’s starters stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Medellin and carried out rescue operations there.

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Afterwards, all the players had a free afternoon and those who have family in Medellin took the opportunity to visit them, among them James Rodriguez and Mateus Uribe.

On Saturdays and Sundays, training takes place in Guarne, Atlético Nacional’s sports headquarters, at an altitude of 2,125 meters above sea level. There are even plans to practice football against the Green Club’s U-20 team.

Principles of Anti-Altitude

Height has its effect when playing football. First, the ball is very fast. “The ball doesn’t bend” It was a historical text about it. Former Argentina coach Daniel Passarella threw it away after losing to Ecuador in qualifying for France 98.

The other effect is that the less oxygen, the more physical effort required. Even Ecuadorians feel it.

“It’s different now than when I played in the country. Now it costs you a little more and you need two or three days to adapt,” declared attacker Enner Valencia, in a 2016 report produced by FIFA.

Name is Valencia

There are two principles: prepare for 20 days or get as close to game time as possible. Colombia took the second option this time, albeit gradually rising. Does it work for you?


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