Gno Becker says he thanked Grandma Navidat for vaccinating him against Govt-19.

Mexico City.

Gino Becker finally vaccinated against Govit-19, After learning that Actress Grandma Christmas Infection occurred and She is admitted to the hospital.

The Mexican actor He said, by the way Instagram, Adjourned its application for a long time without any argument.

“I had put off a stupid vaccine for some time because there was no excuse. I understand and respect everyone’s results, but I think we have a lot of information to see that the risks that are not available are greater than getting it,” he pointed out.

However, once you learn it Grandma’s Christmas The Disease And is in a serious condition, prompting him to be vaccinated.

“I don’t know why but when I found out Grandma’s Christmas I gave it to him and I said: ‘Yes Grandma’s Christmas He gave it to me, I wore them today, I will put them on today, there is nothing to postpone one more day, “he announced in a video.

The film director also showed his hand and said it was used for him The first dose of Pfizer. Finally, he wished the actress a speedy recovery.

“He wished again that he should recover quickly because it is scary because he is getting worse, but the only thing I can say is that I feel bad when he hits him.

“Congratulations to you today my dear Grandma’s Christmas And thank you, ”he concluded.

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