Vox, in the attic of the Parliament and Cs will share space with the CUP and En Comú Podem

  • The PSC, winner of the elections, moves to the place where Ciutadans was until now

Vox will occupy the offices of the dormers of parliament under a agreement of all forces with representation in the Catalan Chamber except that of the extreme right, according to the newspaper ‘Ara’. It is a first action of the parties framed in the objective of establishing a sanitary cordon to isolate those of Ignacio Garriga.

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On the other hand, organizational changes – bound, also, by the arrival of Vox, which means having to put eight parties into parliamentary spaces – imply that the winner of the February 14 elections, the PSC, move to occupy the offices that until now used citizens, winner of the previous elections. Cs will now share space with the CUP and In Common We Can.

On the other hand, ERC and Together for Catalonia (JxCat) swap rooms. If so far those of Laura Borràs They were on the top floor, this is for the Republicans. JxCat goes down to the bottom – where ERC was until now – and will share the space with the PP.

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