Ricardo’s daughter defends herself against criticism for ‘laughing’ in ‘my’ life

After announcing the arrest of the actor Ricardo ‘n’ For sexual abuse against his daughter, is a legislator Sergio Meyer He spoke in support of the 15-year-old girl and her mother.

Former Caribaldi explained Ricardo’s daughter ‘my’ She will hold a press conference last Monday, which was canceled because she was a young woman He did not want to reveal himself Before the media.

It’s the same young man M. decided to break the snail Through a live broadcast on Instagram he came out with the intention of responding to his opponents for continuing his career on social networks.

‘My’ daughter of actor Ricardo He came out to respond to his opponents who criticized him for being active on social networks, and with a big smile in the middle of the situation he was going through.

I’m obviously not feeling well, But this week was better, because I’m doing a live (say) ‘Ah! … So he’s having a bad time, is he already doing a live? Is he laughing? “, Explained Valeria Crespo.

Daughter Ricardo Crespo detained

Everything arose after the young woman decided to participate live with some friends, and she gave up within minutes of starting the participation due to the negative comments she received.

On his Instagram profile he defended the right to show how he feels without explaining it to anyone. “Just because I pass a bad time does not mean that (good) days are going to be there I’m not going to get depressed in bed all the time, Do not. ‘If you are so sad, why are you having a bad time? Why are you uploading a story with a smile? ‘ Don’t start saying that … there are many people who are depressed and it is understandable without progress without a bed. I’m not like that “, He elaborated.

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Case on Ricardo ‘N’ continues his process At the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJ-CDMX) for his involvement in the worst corruption offenses of minorities.

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