The 32 members of the political committee must be re-elected to the PLD

A total of 115 people aspire to form the political committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), of whom 32 are members of the current body, awaiting approval, and 83 are candidates from the Central Committee.

This information was provided by Danilo Thias, election secretary of the PLD and a member of the organizing committee of the IX Internal Congress, who said the registration of candidates was closed at 10 a.m. today.

“At the time of closing there were 115 interested members on the political committee. The 32 people who want to be approved will be subjected to the same process, the 83 who want to be new members and the 43 who get the most votes will be elected,” Daz explained.

One of the members of the CBI seeking re-election said precisely that the list of candidates would be released in the next few hours. The election will take place next Sunday at 9 p.m.

On the same day, the party’s presidency and general secretary will be controversial, and those seeking the post will have the opportunity to register their candidates until the moment before the vote.

“The general secretary and the party’s presidential candidates can register on the same day, and what we are going to do is give each candidate 3 minutes and encourage him to vote,” Thias explained.

So far, the Secretary-General has considered the aspirations of Ruben Pichara, Andres Navarro and Charlie Mariotti. Jose Lallus, Luis de Leன்n and Aristibo Vidal are out of contention (the latter supported Pichara).

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For the PLD presidency, no official nominations have yet been made, beyond the “shout” that former Republican President Danilo Medina is holding the post.

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