The photographer captured a strange image of the ISS as it passed in front of the moon

The International Space Station next to the Moon. | Photo: NASA

Astronaut Andrew McCarthy was able to capture images of the International Space Station (ISS) as it passed the Copernican crater on the moon, as astronauts prepared for additional missions (EVA, for its abbreviation in English).

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McCarthy, based in Sacramento, California, USA, shared on social media on Sunday, February 28, using his telescope to take pictures, where he said solar panels were missing at first glance.

“Because the panels are found at half the edge, despite having a structure that faces the earth (and the direction of the sun). So why is this happening? The photographer wrote.

He later stated that the film was made “for EVA production”. “Nothing to worry about! I have a cool, rare photo. On my favorite groove (Copernicus), nothing less,” he commented.

In addition, he stressed that this was not only “immediately to capture a spacecraft from Earth”, but also “immediately” became one of his “favorite” films, but it was clearly possible to see the restoration of the solar system due to a purpose. Broadcast live from NASA. “This is one of the rare moments where you can easily see the changes in structure from Earth due to a purpose,” he concluded.

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