This is how Marion Babone shaved her head in her fight against cancer

Comedian and actress Marion Papon In the middle of her breast cancer treatment, she decided to show off the moment she shaved her head and removed her hair.

Without losing humor and playfulness, the actress shared in a video on her social networks the process that many cancer patients face as a result of chemotherapy treatment. The actress has undergone two cycles of chemotherapy since she announced her diagnosis on September 14. Breast Cancer.

The veteran actress had already cut her hair, and upon learning of the precise diagnosis of cancer, the change was not so drastic when it was removed.


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“I was going to lose my hair, so I cut it back. I let it grow. I was going to cut it very short to get used to it, so the change wasn’t so drastic,” the actress noted from the show “El Remix” on Waba Television.

“The day came when I had to use the clipper … I touched myself, giant strands came out, I already covered the bathtub … It’s not easy, it’s not an easy process, it’s going to happen. It’s hard, I’ve never been without hair in my life, but look, there’s always a first time for everything, you know what’s the best thing about everything, it comes back and grows back, we’re going for it, let’s keep going,” Babone said in a video posted last night. Monday on his Instagram account. .

“I was really desperate because it was falling out a lot and it was bothering me, and it’s very depressing to see how the locks are falling, so I decided to go to Bloom in San Patricio and they said they can help me. They call the barber and he takes me to his chair. , I sit down, I ask him the name, he answered, Angel! There I said to him, “You are the one to cut me, God sent me an angel. “Thanks Angel, I’ll be back when I start growing up and you can fix it!” Video.

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Babone did not stop working amid the illness and her colleagues and friends from the country’s acting class, Vaba Television, included Lily García Jorge Castro, René Monclova, Cristina Soler, Suzette Paco and Julio Ramos. Others accompanying her in the process. Added to this support are the prayers of the people, full of expressions of love, unity and hope.

The actress has been very strong during this process and proved this when she announced that she was diagnosed with cancer in her left breast in mid-September this year. As the actress maintains a close relationship with her only daughter Ivana, her greatest vulnerability in the midst of illness is being a mother. Although mother and daughter are one and Ivana lives in America, distance is not a factor of distance, instead, they are closer than ever.

Throughout the process, the actress was confident of her recovery and announced this on several occasions.

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