Two days after the end of the campaign, Andres Aras accepted his offer Politics | News

The UNESCO candidate had scheduled a meeting with the Labor Parliament and other trade union centers.

“Transparent vaccination without leverage, reactivating the economy, respect for our diversity” is some of the concessions approved by Andres Aras, the right-wing presidential candidate for the coalition Union for Hope (UNES), two days after the second round of the election campaign.

He said this on his social media, referring to the support of the Indigenous Department, “The support we receive from the tribal and national races is not a personal matter. They are the result of our common struggles, our shared interests and the recognition of the same horizon. Together we are moving towards a country free of divisions and respecting its diversity and culture. ”

Along with the Gorb network, Aroos said the sanctions needed to exemplify what happened to the human rights of protesters in October 2019 and deepen analyzes of other issues in the area, such as the kidnapping and murder of a group of journalists. “Neglect” in the border north and public health, when the government had the hospital’s capacity to sustain it, “but wanted to pay off the debt.”

In addition, infringement of rights in the judicial system, he promised. “All these must be resolved by national or international justice. We will continue to clarify the truth, justice and compensation to the victims,” ​​he added.

Andres Aras is coming forward to slash fuel prices

On the environmental issue, Aras said it will implement solid waste management. In the case of oil and mining, it will create an audit of mining concessions and external debt to find out whether or not it violates Ecuadorian law, and if so, transfer them to the state, for transparency.

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In the afternoon, he was scheduled to visit the Labor Parliament and then make a house-to-house tour of southern Quito. (I)

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