Two glaciers will melt in Antarctica that could sink Venice

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Two large glaciers Antarctica, The Pine Island And Dwights, Reached a level where no return was available based on the melting process It reached a state of irreversibility, experts confirmed after observing that a satellite had been taken.

This fact may break the Western Antarctic wardrobe Enough snow to raise the sea level more than three meters, According to a study published in the journal Cryosphere University of Northbridge.

“That opportunity Pine Island Entering the volatile phase of retirement has already received relief, however Our study first confirmed that this important limit was exceeded“, he said Sebastian Rosier, Who leads the study.

Both glaciers Pine Island And Dwights Both have been under surveillance for years 10 percent contribution to sea level rise, To explain Massimo Freezotti, Researcher Italian National Institute for New Technologies (ENEA)

“Until now, glacier models have not been able to recreate data from satellite observations. Warning indicators extracted from observations were recreated in this model, which confirms the limitations The inflow of hot water from the sea has already been violated”, God Freesotti.

Max It also explains the temperature of the water Antarctica -2 degrees, but 2.3 degrees water enters with a high melting temperature.

The possible collapse of Venice would be completely underwater, he continues Freezotti: “This will cause the cap to collapse, leading to a three-meter rise in sea level. To give an example of its effects, Venice is completely submerged”.

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