Travel to Europe? Eintrach Frankfurt follows David Metrono

Mexico City /

Santiago Solari arrived and the doors of football opened wide for him Santiago Naveda, The The young expression of America It could be The next Asulgrema youth team to immigrate to Europe Because, according to journalist David Metrono, it is Eintrach followed Frankfurt Of Bundesliga.

Used in 13 days at the time of the 2021 Guardians, the midfielder is approaching 20, which is The great promises of Mexican football With options to sneak up on the list Tokyo Olympics, Because it was on the mind of Jaime Lozano before the last Olympics.

What does David Metrono say about signing the New Testament?

Seekers Eintrach In Latin America they are advised to follow the player closely United States, They are in view from the small teams of Mexico. The Germans know it நவேதா The contract expires in a few months, and they are looking into whether he will renew or be free, ”Metrono Felix wrote in his article. Record diary.

Its past with Indrach and Mexico

On the German team they know Mexican footballers well because they have been in their history

Three Aztecs wearing their shirts

In the Bundesliga.

  1. Aaron Calindo (2007-2008) | He played 32 Bundesliga duels.
  2. Marco Fabian (2016-2019) | He won the 2018 German Cup against Bayern Munich.
  3. Carlos Chalcedo Placeholder Image (2017-2019) | He won the 2018 German Cup against Bayern Munich.

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