Juan Gabriel: It was a POLMIC phrase in which he compared himself to God | Video

Juan Gabriel He is one of the most beloved Mexican translators of all time, his excellent talent on stage, his excellent voice, the way he composes songs for himself and many other great artists; But his life was also full of problems and controversies.

Was unleashed into these major controversies Divo de Jurus Each time he gave a statement, he found a phrase that caused a lot of confusion Mexico And the world, mainly of the Catholic religion.

From several occasions, in an interview at Primer Impacto and when he recorded Fine art disk, Where he gave his vision Lord, As people thought he did not believe.


Zhuangka He said that everything a person does is God, but he also said that he thinks that there is no God without people, so he believes.

Then he came up with the most controversial part of the statement, explaining that he was God. “I believe in myself, which is equivalent to believing in God“, Sentence to Divo de Jurus.

He then made it clear that he respects the ideologies of others and believes in God through people, but the truth is, this belief focused on people. He concluded his statement in an interview with Primer Impact. “How unbelievable … in peopleWith a smile.


In addition to such controversial phrases “What you see is not judged“, Juan Gabriel demonstrated the love he holds over people in his songs, which on many occasions have been dedicated to loved ones, such as his mother, sister and friends, to the people he trusts.

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Divo de Juras is not in this world today, however His legacy And the songs will last so that everyone who loves Spanish music can continue to enjoy their song and success in moments of celebration or sadness.


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