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magazine Forbes He was the topic of conversation in the past hours as he updated his popular list of The richest people in the world. On this occasion, characters like Kim kardashian, The “socialite” who appeared at “the top” and the money tycoons Elon Musk and Jeff BezosWhich ranked second and third, respectively.

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In Colombia there was news too, as a businessman David Velez He entered the ranking with the 599 richest people in the world. For this edition, it ranked # 539.

Velez, 39, was born in Medellin and was described by Forbes as a businessman who made “himself”.

According to Forbes, Vélez owns a fortune in $ 5.2 billion, Which is a huge number that was created from their tech businesses. Actually, your company Nubank, A digital bank that provides money management facilities to its clients, has been advancing strongly in Latin America in recent years.

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NuBank was born in 2013 in Brazil and also has a presence in Mexico.

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Although Vélez is Colombian, the truth is that he managed to make his fortune Brazil, we will Nubank , Ltd. In 2013 in Sao Paulo As of last year, it had more than 30 million customers.

Surprisingly, it did not reach Colombia until September last year, although it has already expanded its operations to Mexico.

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Nevertheless, it did garner a fairly broad base of interested parties, because according to Catalina Britton, General Manager of Not Colombia, At EL TIEMPO, by that time they already had 200,000 people registered for a bank card.

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But according to Forbes, Velez’s path was quite long, starting with a two-story building and ending up creating a financial empire. When arriving at Colombia EL told TIEMPO that he is interested in positively affecting me the financial sector And to reach the population that has nothing to do with it.

We also aim to reach the 50 percent of Colombia’s unbanked population. Through our platform, we hope to democratize access to the best financial services, so that more and more people can use them, ”he said at the time.

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