Christian teacher quits teaching to become OnlyFans

Courtney Tilea decided to quit teaching to join OnlyFans and tells her story on social media.

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the teacher Courtney Telia She became famous on social networks for sharing her story explaining this He quit his job From teacher to becoming content creator Only fansWhere he earns nearly a million dollars.

The model says so Three component business modela free account, another one that offers merchandise and a VIP page with exclusive content.

Telia grew up in a Christian family, so when she started, she felt ashamed of God and society. However, in Brand Information was shared in which she said, “God’s message was very clear: I’m here to be a star. This is my way of serving. “

in TMZCourtney explains His family was suffering from serious economic problems. Until he entered this world where he was financial freedom.

She draws attention to how low teacher pay is She had to turn to these outlets to live comfortably. She says her husband and children agree with her career.

Soon after, on his platform instagram announced that he would return to teaching, But now to give lessons about creating content on that platform. This service will be free for teachers. For the rest it will be $30 or Q235.

Between chapters the basics will be explained, From creating an account to overcoming fears and insecurities.

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