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Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, in Washington in 2019.Pablo Martinez Mancivice / A.P.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man, according to the magazine Forbes, Supports the proposed corporate tax increase funded by US President Joe Biden An ambitious $ 2 trillion infrastructure project. His support for the rate hike – currently ranging from 21% to 28%, the White House proposes – was made public this Tuesday, 24 hours after the US Secretary of the Treasury asked Global minimum corporate tax for multinational corporations Stop racing for the last 30 years.

Bezos’ report released by Amazon’s corporate account – forced to admit it Institutional drivers have to urinate in plastic bottles due to the lack of toilets-, as follows: “We recognize this investment [el plan de infraestructuras] This will require concessions from all parties, including details of what is included and how it is paid (we support the corporate tax increase) ”.

Therefore, in parentheses, Bezos seems to be responding to Piton’s criticism of lamenting the “various legal tactics” used by the world’s largest companies to avoid taxes when he presented the infrastructure project in Pittsburgh last Wednesday. Biden pointed directly to Amazon, which is one of 91 companies in the Fortune 500 – the country’s top 500 – which represents “holes”. [legales] Not even a penny of federal income tax should be paid. “” I do not want to punish them [a las empresas] But this is not right, ”Biden said.

In 2019, the Democrats said about technology that any company that makes billions in profits should not pay a lower tax rate than firefighters and teachers.

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All of this happens in one context Amazon had to accept working conditions Some of its employees are leaving what they want, it is on the ropes of mobilizing its workers and waiting to form a union as a result of a warehouse in Alabama with 6,000 votes, In the end you dared to try to stop.

The president has been in favor of the union and, in general, without quoting Amazon’s specific case, “to bargain collectively with their companies,” but he has done so in full controversy due to restrictions the technology company has tried. To impose the voting process on the Alabama warehouse by direct voting. The authorities finally agreed with the workers and the voting was carried out by email.

Bezos has been selected for the magazine for the fourth year in a row Forbes The richest man in the world. At age 57, he founded the e-commerce company he founded in 1994 for $ 177,000 million. Since then he will retire as CEO and chairman later this year.

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