TV viewership for Premios Soprano 2021 drops to 10.45%

The Soprano 2021 Awards Ceremony, which aired Tuesday night on Channel 9, Color Vision, reached 10.45% of open television viewers, while 5.85% had a rating, according to data provided by Nielsen iPop Dominicana at the request of LISTÍN DIARIO’s.

The product, from the Jaragua Hotel, has been among the lowest-grossing audiences in history since 2004 and 2010, organized by the Art Newspapers Association (AgroArte), the Dominican National Liquor and this year’s Caribbean Media Group.

In this edition, No. 36, Romeo Santos and Nine Cabro were given the great sovereignty associated with 2019 and 2020.

Rating (AMR) is a measure of the television audience’s measurement. “The number of people in a given population or target (expressed as a percentage or integer), which connects to a channel every minute of a given time.”

In addition to the known challenges they faced, this year, the organizers of the event, designed as a product on Tuesday night, worked hard to achieve higher ratings, obtained curfew orders in their favor, had majority capitals and placed other provinces in their homes. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

For example The 2019 distribution had a rating of 13.20, 13.12 The audience share is higher than in 2018. Both products were produced by Alberto Chaos, who created it for the first time.

In the current 2021 edition, the Red Carpet or Preshow reached a rating of 5.85%. In 2019 it received 7.8% of the audience, which is 5.9% more than the previous year.

The Sovereign Awards Exhibition has always been exclusively designed and designed for television, a medium that allows large numbers of people to enjoy a unique event, combining a variety of attractions from the broadcast of the Corbett Rose, the musical numbers, the expectations created by the winners and the tasks performed by the drivers and guests on the night of the event.

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+ Maximum rating achieved
At 36 awards presented by various broadband channels in the country, andTuesday, March 13, 2012 Someone with a high rating or audience To this day they are called the Cassandra Awards.

The award was produced by Rene Priya, aired by Telemicro, Channel 5 and Telemicro International and received 19.53% rating, 64.06% audience share and 1,336,706 viewership.

As it was a foretaste, Priya had warned the press that the award would be taken to the highest level, and she did so because that rating had not yet been breached.

On that occasion, the ceremony was hosted by comedians Felipe Polonko Boruga and Cookwin Victoria.

2015 Celebration, Produced by Rene Priya and telecast by Telemicro, it featured Second largest audience and reached 19.31 percent In estimates, it has an audience share of 60.23% and reaches 1,373,642 viewers.

That year, the number of songs performed by Vickiana and Olga Laura became one of the most watched categories.

That edition took place on Tuesday, April 14, 2015, in the Carlos Biontini Room of the Eduardo Brito National Theater.

Since that year, ratings have continued to decline. In 2016 it was 14.72%, in 2017 it was 12.78%, in 2018 it was 13.12% and in 2019 it was 13.20%.

However, it should also be noted that the number of visitors to social networks has been increasing in recent times. There is no official data in this area. However, sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter should consider that other viewers have been released as receivers or recovered after leaving open TV.

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+ Low audience
For 2010, the Cassandra Awards are still named, with the lowest audience record since 2004, reaching 1.35 per cent, with an audience share of 4.96 per cent and 958,284 viewers.

This version was aired by Telendillas, Channel 2, and was produced by Art Production Edeline Doc. It should be noted that the ceremony was hosted by Raymond Poso and Miguel Gospets.

Seven musical categories were presented on the night of March 16, including a summary of several performances by comedians from different generations, including Chichi Perralda and several nominated musicians of the year.

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