“Cuban people strongly reject them”

Published by the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists a Report The song “Patria y Vida” by Yodoul, Gente de Sona, Dessemer Funo, Machel Osorbo and El Funky, which did not cause a little controversy among the Cubans and particularly disturbed the regime.

“With indescribable hatred, we have seen the invasion of social networks with the worst attempts at musical texts, with the aim of providing public opinion with the image of an art movement opposing the position of the Cuban Revolution,” he says in this release on Friday.

The report states, “While it is unfortunate that such a clown chose music as its language, it is still regrettable that Cuban musicians have appeared on appropriate dates, such as the 20th anniversary of the birth of Juan Almeida Bosque, the 203rd anniversary of the birth of Perugo Figueroa, and the 58th anniversary of the death of Penny More; Statistics that have taught us from different angles that they receive the greatest good and that they have the greatest responsibility in serving the homeland. “

The UNEAC report points out that at a time when the Cuban music movement is at the forefront of establishing the spiritual life of our population, it is unfortunate and embarrassing for characters born and trained in our country to use their voices in order to increase your mercenary reputation.

“The Cuban people admire them, and today the empire admires them and blows its coins like Rome, pays traitors, but hates them,” he says.

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“At the time of the shooting, the author of our national anthem, Major General Perugo Ficuredo, was reminded that dying for the motherland means living. For this reason, facing the humiliation of buffaloes like the perpetrators of this crime, we reiterate our irreplaceable slogan:” Home or death: we will win! “, The report concludes.

Within 72 hours of its premiere, the song “Patria y Vida” Over a million views And YouTube.

There are no voices from the ruling party that will take a critical stance against the song, which promises to be a kind of anthem for Cuba’s independence.

Even the ruler of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Colonel Little Daytime Serenade quoted an excerpt from the song, In response to the theme of domestic and life, Silvio Rodriguez wrote: “This is how the homeland is sung.”

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