Edwin Cass’ wife responds to pregnancy questioners after singer’s vasectomy

  • Edwin Goss and his wife Daisy Anahi shared the news of becoming parents for the third time on social media, and the photo shows both of them being very happy with the arrival of a new baby.
  • The ‘Kurubo Firm’ singer had users questioning his wife’s pregnancy as he revealed that he underwent a vasectomy some time ago.
  • Daisy forcefully responded to followers about the singer’s questions: “Stop asking questions.”

Last weekend Edwin Goss and his wife, Daisy Anahi, have announced that they are parents for the third time; Taking to Instagram, the duo revealed through a photo that a new creature is coming into their lives.

The situation gave a lot to talk about as some users congratulated the ‘Grupo Firm’ singer; However, others recalled statements made by Edwin in the past, There he says he decided to have a vasectomy.

Due to the question from his followers, the artiste’s partner sent a strong message in which he made it clear that the decisions of famous people are none of the public’s business.

Through an Instagram story, Daisy responded to all the users waiting to know how her new baby came into her life, for which she wrote: “I’m going to sleep very happy with everything that’s happening in my life. My little piece of heaven and I wish you a good night. Oh, stop asking questions that don’t matter to you. Be happy.”

As netizens questioned the artist on how his wife got pregnant again, the interview with Larry Hernandez in which Cass admitted the above gained momentum: “The vasectomy was done”, “it was done by the work of the Holy Spirit.”

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Edwin also insisted he had not given up on the chance to become a father again as he revealed he had frozen his sperm to have more children. . Some are frozen in there.”

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