The cryptocurrency Titan fell to zero in one day, inflicting losses on billionaire Mark Cuban


June 17, 2021 15:29 GMT

The token lost all its value on Wednesday.

American billionaire Mark Cuban suffered losses after the collapse of the cryptocurrency Titan, which rose from $ 52 52 steel In less than 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap data.

club owner Dallas Mavericks From the NBA, who was one of the liquidity providers for this token, he indicated on his Twitter account that he was also hit, like other investors.

“He used to hit me like everyone else. The crazy thing is that I walked out thinking they were like that Increase your TVL [activos congelados en el protocolo] enough. Then boom! “

The investor did not provide further details, not even the amount lost.

pole mentioned Titan token on his blog on June 13 which provided him with liquidity to the decentralized exchange quick change. Then get to know high risk You have been involved in this type of business and confirmed that you can withdraw your money at any time.

Titan is a token for the Iron Finance project and is used to preserve the value of the cryptocurrency iron.

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