Today’s Horoscope, July 9, 2023, All Zodiac Signs

It contains Today’s HoroscopeSunday 9th July, tuesdayWhen the planet associated with survival instincts, impulsive reactions and anger, leaves the sign Leo Recommends how best to direct your energies to improve your character.

Aries Horoscope

Today, the last day of Mars passing through Leo, almost two months later, you felt a special vitality and physical stimulation that made you start each day with a great desire to work.

During the aforementioned time you were able to learn from financial speculations, you started new projects and it was much easier to focus on your objectives because of the renewed energy you felt.

You’ve overcome bad mood moments and solved problems in a positive way, and this is what you should leave as a lesson.

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Taurus horoscope

For two months now, Mars is transiting through Leo, which is not favorable for you as it creates worries for you. You have shown this discomfort to your relatives and had arguments, but in recent weeks, you have been able to control your reactions and maintain harmony in your home.

You also discover that if you keep your inner world in good balance and stop worrying about problems you know you can’t solve, you can be better with yourself and the things around you. You must integrate this learning and apply it to all areas of your life.

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Gemini horoscope

Mars bids farewell to Leo today, not returning for nearly two years. For this reason, it is important that you learn its influence that has been maintained for the past six months.

In your case, the aforementioned planet transiting the communication sector of your horoscope will make you comfortable integrating a new way of expressing yourself, enabling your honesty and leading you, but without being invasive or distracted by other topics. .

Keep the above in mind, before Mars transits tomorrow, it will not be favorable for you and it will be easy for you to be in a bad mood.

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Cancer horoscope

Mars, associated with impulsive reactions when your ego is hurt, activates your financial issues for two months. Since this planet operates on instinct and not thought, you are aware of its influences on the desire to have more to show what you can achieve.

From this experience, consolidate a strong motivation to be more productive and start new businesses. Join energetic and entrepreneurial energy in your favor as the particular planet changes signs tomorrow.

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Leo Horoscope

Today is the last day that Mars will visit your sign after two months of vital energy, which is important to keep in mind as you will feel low energy.

On the other hand, certainly during the aforementioned time, you have learned to incorporate the excess energy in your body, to create and get more activities in your daily life, and to carry out the plans you already had. Leave it to work on your life. It is time to integrate this energy and take this special bath to fully unlock your energy.

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Virgo Horoscope

Mars has been moving through Leo for two months and may have sent anxiety over which fire element the above sign belongs to.

However, you are calm and steady, you are not used to the need to always move or look for things to do, so you feel a strong state of nerves.

All this helped you become more patient and learn to let go of your worries. You must integrate this within yourself and start looking more inward when the aforementioned planet changes signs tomorrow.

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Libra horoscope

In recent months, the transit of Mars, a planet associated with action and leadership, has encouraged you to develop your motivational and coaching spirit.

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Therefore, you encourage others to keep up their spirits and achieve their goals. In the process, you have discovered a power within yourself that has given you greater concentration and efficiency, and you have achieved more productive results than at any other time.

You should never lose sight of all of the above, instead, start integrating more knowing that tomorrow Mars will change signs, so your energies may change.

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Scorpio horoscope

The energy of Mars transiting Leo in recent months has led to the expression of your instinct for self-improvement and desire for competition in the professional field.

Additionally, during the aforementioned time, your desire to gain more power, stand out and achieve promotions at work has grown, so you are focused on growing more every day.

This focus you have achieved on your ambitions and the increase in your security, you must integrate within yourself to maintain it and get where you want to be. Thus, when Mars transits tomorrow, you will continue to be driven.

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The transit of Mars through Leo has mobilized in you the desire to be more active, to constantly learn and acquire more knowledge every day; For this reason, in recent months you have been researching different topics and taking new courses to specialize so that you can use the best techniques in your work.

All this knowledge and the desire to keep feeding your mind is what you need to incorporate into yourself in order to function properly. As Mars transits tomorrow, you can continue to develop your personal power.

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In recent months, Mars sends you energy so that you can restore your spirits and renew your strength from deep within. It helped you change your depression and negative emotional states for illusions and joys.

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Stop blaming others for what happened to you and realize that arguing is futile. Now that you’ve recovered, it’s important to focus on yourself, stay calm, and continue with this teaching. I suggest here to keep everything stable by removing the negative energy in your body with eggs.

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Aquarius horoscope

For the past two months, Mars has been transiting your house of personal, social and business relationships in your horoscope. Through this influence, you have spent your impulsiveness and willingness to fight for the aforementioned issues, and of course, its influence has created strong conflicts.

In addition, you may have had claims related to giving too much of your time, and you may have experienced situations of desperation. The key is to learn to surrender and compromise, as it is good for you to take something from the influence of each planet.

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Pisces people

Today is the last day Mars, the planet associated with anger and rage, transits your horoscope’s house of work and health.

With this influence maintained in recent months, you have expressed your concerns about the future of work through crude humor and aggressive reactions in your work environment and even to your colleagues.

Due to this stressful situation, your body feels discomfort. Therefore, before changing Mars, I suggest you identify its messages and learn more about how you shift tensions.

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