Learn about the strange origin and meaning of the dollar sign

The official currency in the United States is the dollar. This currency is not only important in the country, but all over the world, as it has become the most used in transactions that take place on a daily basis in global markets. Like a coin The dollar sign is one of the most recognizable symbols, but what is its origin? we tell you.

Learn about the strange origin and meaning of the dollar sign

As with many other symbols and events in history, The origins of the dollar sign are not clear and there are several theories regarding its origin. On the other hand, its form is still volatile, since it began to be written with two lines running through it, but recently its form with only one has been adopted.

As to its origin, one of the most popular theories is that The dollar sign is derived from the initials of the United States (United States, in English). Overlaying a big “U” over a big “S” and removing the bottom of the “U” will give you a two-stroke version of the dollar sign.

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This theory was supported by the philosopher Ayn Rand in her novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ (1957). However, despite its popularity, This theory is not entirely accurate, especially since, until 1776, the United States was known not in this way, but as the United Colonies of America.

Another story of its origin connects it with the “thaler” coin in Bohemia, today’s city of Joachimstal, which appeared in the form of a snake on a Christian cross.

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Another theory about the origin of the dollar is associated with the Spanish dollar or eight pesos. This was legal tender in the United States and its text was often shortened to the initial “P” with an “S” superimposed, according to Reader’s Digest. With time, That “P” merged with the “S,” leaving a vertical stroke in the center of the “S,” so it would have been moved from there to a dollar sign.

according to him Bank of Canada MuseumThe Pillars of Hercules have been a symbol of Spain for centuries. They are usually depicted with an S-shaped fascia loosely wrapped around them. Eight-weight coins were so popular with this image that it can easily be linked to the origin of the dollar sign.

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