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He is the son of Victoria Rufo and Eugenio Derbes, and brother of actors Vader Derbes, Aislyn Derbes and little Aitana Derbes, by his father’s side; And Anwar Fayat and Victoria Fayat, on the mother’s side. Jose Eduardo never had a normal childhood because it was marked by a series of fights between his parents even after they broke up.

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In fact, during the fifth episode of the second season “”, Eugenio, his wife and their children plan to go to a country and live with its culture, confessing before him the complex relationship he had with the famous comedian soap opera actress. According to the Mexican actor, he could not legally approach Jose Eduardo. However, Victoria Raffo Denied those reports.

It is common knowledge that the relationship between the actors is not very good, but, in the end, they always agreed when supporting their son. His official presentation on Mexican television was on the successful children’s show “ Directed by his aunt Gabriel Rufo, When he was two months old. After that, he took part in other shows until he made a name for himself. Now Jose Eduardo Derbus A robbery charge Social media. What happened?

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It is true that Jose Eduardo Derpes ‘stole’ in front of the cell phone

Apparently last weekend Jose Eduardo Derbus He had gone out for a drink with some friends he had Renato Francis, Representative of the committee CNCO. The truth is, there are not many details of this meeting because they should be banned due to the current status of the epidemic, but Renato Strictly charged Jose Eduardo On social networks to steal his cell phone:

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Hey, how can you see that Jose Eduardo Derpes took my cell phone from the “BY WRONG” table yesterday. Very bad taste in your drunken brother … Come on in, your drink is not cold. If you do not control it, do not take it as friends, ” Tweet It restored the program “No rumors”, Because the release is no longer available.

Jose Eduardo Derpes was accused of being a drunkard and a thief, but things did not add up (photo: Instagram)

The fans of both did not take even a second This post is viral, But in a way Renato Maybe he wasn’t expecting it. The majority of responses indicate that it is a very rare occurrence for a celebrity to steal a cell phone, and after all, Jose misunderstood Eduardo because he did not need to.

Even those who believe they did, They question the representative From CNCO Regarding his release, he had to confront the comedian in the crowd and commented that he should not wait to pick up his cell phone Unpopular post. In any case, as mentioned in the comments, Renato He is the one who looks bad in front of everyone.

Jose Eduardo Derpes has not commented on the matter and it is unlikely he will do so (Photo: Instagram)
Jose Eduardo Derpes has not commented on the matter and it is unlikely he will do so (Photo: Instagram)

For its part, Jose Eduardo He did not give a statement about it, but he has shown on his social networks and in his plan with his family that there is a clear taste on alcoholic beverages. He even created a miniseries on his personal Instagram BartenDERBEZ, Where he does experiments combining different drinks.

However, the situation is unlikely to have been reported Renato Francis Mentioned by the actor. A Serious accusation, But he personally admitted his mistake and agreed with the manager not to delay the issue anymore so that both are not blamed by the respective fan groups.

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