Brenda Kellerman Shaves and Ferdinando Valencia are in shock

Through their social networks Ferdinando Valencia Posted a photo with his emotional partner Brenda Kellerman, Who did not go inside Shock Actor, but also his followers.

In the picture you can see both of them smiling from ear to ear, however, Brenda’s look was eye-catching and it looks absolutely Shaved.

“What happened to your hair Negrida?” He wrote the soap opera villain next to the film.

In this regard, do not wait for feedback from Internet users, in which they emphasize that she is beautiful, with or without hair.

“She’s beautiful in both ways with or without hair. I adore her, bless you”, “You’s 10, black girl is beautiful”, “She has a very beautiful face”, “Are you kidding me right?”

The couple has yet to reveal whether this is a joke, and Brenda hid her hair with the help of a social networking filter.

Despite this, the snapshot already has more than 70,116 likes because they have not stopped praising Kellerman.

Undoubtedly the character of the actress is always something to talk about, and even on one occasion when they were little they revealed what they called broccoli, so it caused her some insecurity, though over the years she learned to accept it.

Brenda Kellerman shaves her head
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