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The President of Peru, Dina Boluarte, appointed this Saturday a cabinet of medium-profile experts who must overcome a difficult horizon. Protests have been increasing in many areas and the capital in recent days Pedro Castillo’s failed self-conspiracy. Opponents are calling for early general elections, a rallying cry that would add up to 87% of citizens, according to a survey conducted by the Peruvian Institute of Studies in late November, when the then-president rejected his third bid to be voted out. hope

Many of the members of the new government are civil servants working in public administration, unlike most of the ministers appointed by rural teachers in the past 16 months. Others were part of quotas representing the parliamentary opposition, which the president had to negotiate to stay in power.

Polwarte is the country’s first female president 17 ministers have been sworn in, eight of whom are women – that is, in contrast to Castillo’s cabinets, which are almost equal – and appointments are pending in the sectors of labor and transport and communications. Among the appointments, the new environment minister Albina Ruiz stands out, an engineer who led the approval process of a pioneering law in the region to regulate the activities of recyclers in the last decade.

New Prime Minister Pedro Angulo doesn’t have the most impressive resume. For the past decade, he has been a member of the executive committee of the Judiciary on behalf of the Lima Bar Association, in which event he supported the decisions of Chief Justice Cesar Hinostroza, who was ousted today. Judge Hinostroza has been under investigation since 2018 for leading a network of corruption in the justice system denounced by the press, Cullos Blancos del Puerto.

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In a televised message nearly an hour after the swearing-in ceremony, Poluarte said, “I worked hard to form a cabinet of unity.” He also assured that his government will work for economic justice and social justice. Its essential objectives include “consolidation of democracy, rule of law, balance of power and governance in the country,” he said.

The President has called for calm amid the protests. Although his intention is to rule until 2026, when the current term expires, he said he has not ruled out an electoral breakthrough with this Friday. “When we were sworn in two days ago, it was done until 2026; However, if the society and situation warrants it, we will hold elections in dialogue with the political and democratic forces of the Congress,” he said.

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He has assumed the presidency in a country bedeviled by corruption that has surrounded seven presidents since 2000 – except Valentin Paniagua and Francisco Sagasti. For the six financial investigations related to corruption facing the impeached Castillo, Rebellion and Conspiracy are now added due to Wednesday’s self-conspiracy. That is why the oath that Pollard used with each minister contained a phrase that is not part of the protocol to this day. “Do you swear by God and these holy gospels to fulfill without corruption the office of Minister of State which I am entrusting to you?”

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