Jose Canseco sent messages to Aaron Judge – swing completo

By Reynaldo Cruz

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The first was sent on September 13, in which Cuban, the first to hit 40 home runs in a major league season, said, “There’s a simple reason Judge hit exactly 60 home runs this year.”

There is a simple reason why the judge hit exactly 60 hours this year

With this news, we’re not exactly sure if Canseco is implying that Judge will “run out of gas” and eventually fall short in his quest to reach 62, or if the pitchers will. So angry at him that he wasn’t going to dump him even though he knew they could communicate with the record. That day, Judge hit two home runs, but was intentionally substituted.

On November 1, Joes changed his tune (the Yankee juggernaut had already broken the American League single-season home run record) and began encouraging him to leave the Big Apple because, after the Yankees were eliminated in the postseason, New York fans weren’t showing the same love for their star as they were chasing Roger Morris’ record. . In the first tweet, referencing a similar message from Jake Arrieta, he said:

“Aaron Judge, Arrieta is right, run, run, don’t walk to the nearest entrance. Get out of New York, that place is a dump, the fans are horrible.”

In another he praised the judge and turned to attack the New York fans:

“Aaron Judge, you’re a baseball god, New York fans will crucify you. Get out of there quick.”

Aaron judges that you are a baseball god, New York fans have crucified you at times, get out of there soon.

There was another tweet for and against the judge Yankee fans on the date, but Cuban sent his tweets via voicemail, which is almost meaningless. Clearly, there is no love between Jose and the fans of the Bronx Mules. On the same date he decided to challenge for the American League home run record (later to start again in the club):

“Aaron Judge, I can hit a softball farther than you can hit a baseball. If you want to find out, contact me.”

Regardless, Canseco continued to send praise to Aaron:

“Aaron Judge, you are an anomaly, the face of baseball that should be protected by MLB. You should consider your talent, entertainment value and moral qualities.

Aaron Verdict says you’re an extraordinary baseball face.

It’s pretty clear that Canseco doesn’t want to create a bad image by disrespecting one of the most iconic figures in baseball today. However, he could no longer remain silent, and again challenged the judge:

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“Aaron Judge, I’m your biggest fan but I can hit a softball better than you can hit a baseball.”

Aaron Verdict, I’m your biggest fan, but I can still hit a softball better than you can hit a baseball.

Clearly, Jose wants to have a home run derby with Judge, and if it comes to pass, Judge agrees (we can’t guarantee he’s aware of Canseco’s messages) and will be a sight to behold precisely because of everything. All this can bring is entertainment and publicity (Canseco loves one).

Not confining himself to his own profile, Jose retweeted a tweet from the station 95.7 SportsHe released a snippet of his speech, in which he responded to questions about the judge leaving the Big Apple due to fan outcry:

“…this man almost won the triple crown. He holds the American League record for home runs…his home crowd cheers him on.”

Then, on November 29, Judge dared to predict that he would sign for 10 years and $380 million:

Aaron Judge 10 years 380 million

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